Asia Symbol is a world leading producer of pulp and paper under the RGE Group. Its main products are BHKP, NBKP, DP, liquid packaging board, high grade ivory board and uncoated woodfree printing and office paper. Our products are sold at home and abroad.

Asia Symbol is committed to sustainable development and exploration of long-term renewable resource for paper production to facilitate regional economic development and welfare of the local community. We abide by the principle of operating in a manner that is creating value for the Community, Country, Climate, Customer and Company.

Currently the projects put into operation in China include: Asia Symbol (Shandong) Pulp and Paper Co., Ltd. & Asia Symbol (Guangdong) Paper Co., Ltd.

Asia Symbol (Chongqing) Paper Co., Ltd. is now preparing to invest in a project related to forest-pulp-paper integration and fine paper in Chongqing. The Group has also planned to invest in a project related to forest-pulp-paper integration and fine paper in Putian, Fujian province.

Awards & Accolades
Asia Symbol (Shandong)
  • ·Chinese Model Enterprise of Social Responsibility
  • ·Hi-tech Enterprise
  • ·China Environmentally Friendly Enterprise in Papermaking Industry
  • ·TOP 10 Enterprise of China Paper Industry
  • ·National Star Overseas Chinese Foreign Direct Investment Enterprise
  • ·Leading Brand for Low Carbon Production in China
  • ·Most Charitable Enterprise of Chinese Charity Award
  • ·Advanced Collective in China Earthquake Disaster Relief
  • ·Outstanding Enterprise of Chinese Cai Lun Award
  • ·Excellent Foreign Investment Enterprise in China
  • ·National Best Employer Award
  • ·Best Energy Saving Mill in Shandong Province
  • ·Model Enterprise for Recycling Economy in Shandong Province
  • ·Outstanding Contributor of Minimum Pollutant Discharging in Shandong Province
  • ·TOP 10 Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Enterprise of Shandong Light Industry
  • ·Science Education Demonstration Base in Shandong Province
  • ·Industrial Tourism Sample in Shandong Province
  • ·Environmental Education Demonstration Base in Shandong Province
  • ·Meritorious Enterprise in Rizhao
  • ·Practice Base for Young People in Rizhao
  • ·Practice Base for More than 30 Schools
Asia Symbol (Shandong)
  • ·Key Project of Guangdong province
  • ·Top 500 Projects of Guangdong province
  • ·Charitable Oversea Chinese Organization in Guangdong Province
  • ·Guangdong Provincial Enterprise Technology Center
  • ·Integrity Member Unit of Guangdong Paper Association
  • ·Hi-Tech Enterprise
  • ·Meritorious Enterprise of Guangdong Manufacturing Industry
  • ·Guangdong Green Card Enterprise of Environmental Credit Evaluation
  • ·Outstanding China Corporate Citizens
  • ·Advanced Unit of Respecting Teachers and Teaching
  • ·Outstanding Brand Image Award
  • ·Best Public Welfare Enterprise 2017
  • ·"Enterprise of the Year" in Guangdong Annual Economic Trend 2017