Social Responsibility

Asia Symbol knows that manufacturing activities can cause negative effects to the local community and surrounding environment. As such, we make continuous concerted efforts to curtail these negative influences and contribute positively to community development.

Asia Symbol is committed to our three-pronged approach to community development – “Education”, “Social Development” and “Poverty Alleviation” – to build a harmonious society. Some of these community development projects include building local schools, awarding students with education bursaries and scholarships, offering incentives to outstanding teachers, and providing funds or facilities to enhance the schools’ teaching capabilities. Also, in an effort to cultivate environmental awareness and responsibility among students, Asia Symbol organizes many exciting educational activities and events in schools, such as the “Environmental Protection Painting Competition".


Asia Symbol regards our enterprise as an important part of the local communities that we operate in. As we drive business expansion, we simultaneously help to spur economic growth and benefit the local community by providing them job opportunities. This is the core spirit of our business philosophy – to operate in a manner that is “creating value for the Community, Country, Climate, Customer and Company".


To strengthen communications with the local community, Asia Symbol established a community visitation system. Each month, we invite community representatives to our mill offices or send our employees to into the local people’s community residence to hold meetings with them. Through these meetings, we gain a deeper understanding of their needs and challenges, subsequently designing development programmes and initiatives that help to improve their lives. Both Asia Symbol Shandong and Asia Symbol Guangdong conduct these community projects.


Asia Symbol places great emphasis on empowering the community. Through providing economic support and skills training, we encourage the local people to start their own small and medium-sized enterprises. Asia Symbol also supports their businesses by engaging their services in our production chain, allowing them to create substantial value and simultaneously, relieving pressure on local employment. In addition, Asia Symbol finances the construction of community infrastructure, such as roads and water supply facilities, to help improve their living conditions.