Sustainability Strategy

Over the next three to five years, we will continue to face many economic, environmental and social challenges. Economic challenges include the diversification and upgrading of pulp and paper products, and the increase in value-added products. In terms of the environment, the government, NGOs, customers and the community have all put forward their higher expectations of us. In terms of society, we are facing how to better protect the rights and interests of our employees, consumers and the community.

Our Mission: Improving lives by developing resources sustainably.

Our Vision: To be one of the largest, best-managed and sustainable resource-based groups, creating value for the Community, Country, Climate, Customer and Company.

Based on the principles of Triple Bottom Line, we have developed our sustainability strategy:


Strategic Focus on Sustainable Development

In the next three to five years, Asia Symbol’s strategic focus on sustainable development management, with consideration of economic, environmental and social aspects, will be as follows:

In terms of sustainable development management, we will actively identify and respond to the concerns and needs of our stakeholders, and integrate our stakeholder concerns into our business and sustainability strategies. Concurrently, we will raise employee awareness about sustainable development and implement the Asia Symbol Sustainable Development Policy to translate our sustainability philosophy into practical actions which are reflected in our daily work.

In terms of economy, we will focus on continuous improvement of product quality, maintain stable and efficient production and reduce operating costs. Carry out pulp and paper product diversification and upgrading, produce high value-added products, and create value for customers. While developing our business, we will drive and promote prosperity of the local economy, creating long-term shared value for stakeholders such as employees and local communities;

In terms of environment, we will actively implement national policies of energy conservation, emission reduction and low-carbon environmental protection. Through forward-looking investment in environmental protection, green pulp, environmental friendly paper-making and practicing a recycling economy, we will continue to improve environmental protection indicators, maintain benchmarks within the pulp and paper industry, and actively promote the development of biomass energy.

In terms of society, we will focus on caring for our employees, actively contributing to community development and promoting harmonious development of the society. We will actively implement the Asia Symbol Human Rights Policy. We value employee welfare training, development and occupational health and safety significantly. In the area of community development, we actively carry out volunteer activities and help solve social problems, contributing to welfare development and improvement in the quality of life of our communities.