Asia Symbol adheres to our energy saving and pollution reduction policies to protect the environment. Our goal is to contribute to creating a resource-saving and environmental friendly society, as we strive to be a respected leader in the global pulp and paper industry.


Asia Symbol actively promotes certification of our environment management systems and the production and sales of our forestry products. Both Asia Symbol’s Shandong and Guangdong offices achieved ISO certifications for its quality management, environment management, and occupational health and safety systems. In 2012, Asia Symbol Guangdong obtained the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification’s (PEFC) Chain of Custody Certification.

Asia Symbol has been making sizeable investments in our environmental protection efforts, harnessing only the best processes and most advanced equipment to realize energy savings and reduce pollution. These investments help us to minimize any harm or negative impact induced by our operations to the environment, and ultimately contributes to creating a recycling economy. Asia Symbol Shandong’s invested RMB 5 billion to implement environmental protection systems and Asia Symbol Guangdong also invested RMB 400 million ignificantly to enhance its environmental protection standards.

Through rigorous environment management and conservation efforts, coupled with sustainable improvement management measures, Asia Symbol has achieved notable improvements in energy savings, resource consumption, waste reduction and production efficiencies. Our resource consumption and waste emission performances not only surpass China’s national and provincial standards, most of the indicators are also better than those of Europe, making it a leading enterprise in industrial advancement, technological progress and clean production processes.