Our products

Asia Symbol’s products are transformed into a variety of end-consumer products that improve the lives of millions of people around the world. They range from liquid packaging material, such as milk and juice cartons, to quality printing and writing paper, and toilet rolls and tissues; from shopping bags and food packaging to magazines and books.

Indeed, Asia Symbol’s quality paper products complement consumers’ daily lives and help to create better life experiences for them.

(Asia Symbol end products include: liquid packaging, cultural paper, tissue paper and toilet rolls, shopping bags and food packaging to magazines and books.)

 In the area of sales, Asia Symbol adheres to the following principles:

Honesty and trustworthiness: we honor our commitment to customers and ensure quality and a stable supply for our long-term customers.

Quality products at reasonable prices: we carry out targeted production based on analysis of customer requirements through cost optimization, and a quality match to provide the most cost-effective products.

Rapid response: we take advantage of geographical proximity to the market to effectively help customers reduce logistic costs arising from storing large quantities of inventory.

Professional service: we engage professional technical sales teams and localized service personnel to provide personalized service to help customers solve technical problems.

Environment Protection: Asia Symbol adheres to the principle of energy saving and emission reduction to protect the environment and lead in the drive towards sustainable pulp and paper production.

Asia Symbol attaches great importance on customer requirements and feedback. We identify customer’s requirements by conducting customer satisfaction surveys so we can understand their needs and problems and effectively address them. Simultaneously, we identify gaps between us and our customers’ suppliers, with the aim of continuously improving our business operations and making Asia Symbol the supplier of choice for our customers.