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Asia Symbol Donates Books, Delighting Local Community


In celebration of RGE’s 50 years in business, Asia Symbol (Shandong) donated books and held an activity for kids at the Rizhao Jianghe Library. Entitled “Back to Books, A Happy Reading Community”, the book donation event was attended by at least 2500 kids and parents. Asia Symbol selected the current best-seller books, suitable for people of all ages.


On the same day, hundreds of children enthusiastically participated in the “I’m a little paper maker” community service programme. Asia Symbol volunteers helped the kids to produce their own paper by using waste paper. The lively kids also unleashed their creativity by painting beautiful pictures of trees.


In 2010, RGE Chairman Sukanto Tanoto made a significant donation to the construction of the library. During a visit six years later, he saw that the children’s section could be better stocked. He then donated 200,000 children’s books the next month to commemorate International Children’s Day. For decades, Mr Tanoto has been emphasizing the importance of education and continuous learning through his business leadership and philanthropic activities.